Ezy Cart ..Now Available in 3PL..

Ezy Cart

Now Available in 3PL for direct  mounting to tractor  linkage system.
$ POA.     Available April 2019 .

Ezy Wheels  are a simple, proven  and cost effective  solution for moving shipping containers.

Introducing  our new addition,  Ezy Cart.

One of our  satisfied customers recently suggested  now that he has moved his containers, why not be able use his great new  Ezy Wheels for other trailers?   Good question we thought.   

Well, having rural backgrounds  this got us thinking  and remembering  the  never ending on-farm hassles  of  flat and damaged tyres.  Why not have just one set of good wheels and tyres  that can be swapped easily from  implement to implement, stored out of the weather when not in use, ready for the next activity ?
As a result we are pleased to offer a solution  that we hope will be give new customers an  introduction  to the Ezy Wheels family  and for existing  Ezy Wheels users,  a handy  addition to any property, yard or workshop.
Ezy Cart is for those who require something serious that will last.  This  extremely rugged and durable  utility  cart and is ideal for uses around the property from firefighting, spraying, wood carting  to fruit picking.

Ezy Cart  is setup to accept a standard 1,000 litre  IBC  and comes complete with  removable drawbar  and integrated pump mounting plate.  Delivered as a kit on a standard pallet ready for easy assembly on location.  Ezy Wheels sold separately.    IBC, wheels, tyres,  hubs,  pump and  hoses  not included.

If you don't have them already, you will need a set of Ezy Wheels adapters to go with Ezy Cart. BYO hubs and wheels, then you are all set to roll.

We also offer  the Ezy Wheels Bracket  to mount to any existing transportable  device so you can convert your implements to  one standard wheel arrangement using Ezy Wheels.

No frills, no springs, nothing but  Aussie built  toughness, farm ready  and over engineered  for generations of use  and abuse at a price that offers exceptional value for this versatile product.

Delivery Australia wide additional. Flat packed on a pallet and sent by TNT Express or similar to your location.   Call for a quote.

$990+  gst.
Avaliable from end August 2018

03 90210667

Also avalable from our resellers:
Ballarat Containers.   VIC
03 5334 1130

Affordable Containers.    Melbourne VIC. 
1300 22 66 82

All Things Containers.   Brisbane  QLD 
0423 316 004

Port Tamworth Containers.  New England NSW 
0429 038 882


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