Ezy Blok


engineered  relocatable pre-cast concrete  foundation system

For diverse  needs as a reusable and relocatable foundation system for shipping containers.

Ezy Blok is available as structural foundation  of  Ezy Roof  systems  or is available separately for your project and mass requirements from   1T   to over  6 T each.  

Engineered and Made to Australian Standards.          Ezy Blok  can be utilized as  a structural element for projects large and small.

Cast-in corner connection points fit an ISO container perfectly.                                                                            lifting is safe and simplified  with cast-in anchors  provided to fit industry standard lifting clutches.    Forklift recesses are also provided for machine handling.                                                                            Cast in side  ferrules provide a  connection point for locating additional fixing  devices.

Ideal for situations requiring temporary and removable structures  or as a structurally compliant  foundation  for permanent buildings  where a traditional in-ground foundation  is not foreseen. 


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