Ezy Wheels

Ezy Wheels  are a simple and cost effective  solution for moving shipping containers.

Available models include:

Standard  for Australian and NZ customers using a locally available hub assembly and suitable for moving 20 foot containers in light duty situations.  SWL certified to 4,000 kgs ( adapter only)

Heavy Duty  USA version   to suit  3,500 pound US standard  hub assemblies . Also available in Australia and suitable for moving partially loaded 40 foot containers.  SWL certified  to 4,000 kgs (adapter only)

For our customer based in USA, see here for matching hub assemblies available locally.

*NEW*   Extreme.  Ratings to 6.5 tons per axle. Suitable for extreme duty applications to move  the heaviest of containers in the harshest environments.   Suitable for fitting  duel wheels on each axle where the terrain requires.    Please contact us with your specific SWL certification requirements.

Shipping containers can be difficult to move without the right equipment. These rugged and simple adapters mount in a jiffy to any shipping container so you can lift the other  end and  tow along like a trailer in your yard or around the farm.  Paired with  suitable wheels and tyres, these are ideally suited to off road applications where the terrain is less than smooth or soft.

Sold in pairs  as a stub axle adapter only, you supply your own hubs and wheels.  Special orders can be configured with hubs of you choice.

In Australia & NZ, hubs in many stud patterns are available to suit the Ezy Wheels Standard, from Supercheap Auto, Repco, Autobarn, etc. or your favorite trailer parts supplier.  See links  below.
Ezy Wheel axles  suit  Slimline  ( SL Ford) bearing/hub sets and  come with nut and washer ready to assemble.

Ezy Wheels Heavy Duty are also available in Australia and we can supply hub assemblies  to suit.  $POA

Ezy Wheels Standard   $350 pair  incl gst  plus shipping.

03 90210667

Also avalable from our resellers:
Ballarat Containers   VIC   03 5334 1130
All Things Containers,  Brisbane  QLD  0423 316 004
Affordable Containers  Melbourne Vic. 1300 226 682
Port Tamworth Containers   NSW   0429 038 882

Ezy Wheels Extreme 5.5 Ton

Ezy Wheels  Extreme 5.5 Ton
Ezy Wheels Extreme 5.5 Ton

Ezy Wheels Extreme 5.5 Ton

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